Wednesday, September 21, 2011


On Friday night it was New Zealand played Japan. They played at Waikato stadium in Hamilton.
New Zealand got 13 tries and Japan got 1 try. New Zealand had 57% possesion of the ball and Japan had 47% possesion of the ball. Kahui got 3 tries in the game. The final score was 83-7 to the All Blacks. 16 minutes in the first half a second try to the All Blacks, Richard Kahui got the try. Full time is 80 mins and the All Blacks win. It was a great game at the Waikato Stadium for the All Blacks. Rugby World Cup's leading try scorer is Richard Kahui. He's scored four now from the left wing.

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  1. Hi Michael I watch the game it was 83 to 7 they got lot's of try I never went to the game I watch
    on sky good work keep it up.from anthony


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