Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pirate ship

Over the Easter holiday me and all of my family went to the Easter show. We went in my aunties
car. The Easter show was at Alexander park by Green Iane. I went on the ghost train ride and the
pirate ship. They had a lot of cool games. The pirate ship went up and down and the ghost train was cool. It was in the afternoon. Their was a lot of kids on the pirate ship and the ghost train.It was fun.


  1. Hi Michael,

    I enjoyed reading your experience at the Easter Show with your family. I love the picture of the Pirate Ship. Keep up the good work. :-)

  2. Hi Mrs Mitchell,
    I enjoyed reading your comment. I like the Easter show
    to. The best ride i like was the pirate ship
    it was my best ride ever.


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