Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Michael at Camp

My camp

On Wednesday the 16th it was the year 5 and 6 camp. I was excited because it was the first day at camp for 2011.

It was fun because we got to go for a swim at the pool with the year 7 and 8s. I went on the hydroslide it was fun because there was a red and green light so the kids do not get hurt.

I did camp cooking with Whaea Raewyn I made dampa and marshmallows it was nice.

For my breakfast I had rice bubbles and corn flakes.
For dinner I had mince pasta and for dessert I had ice cream.
I did kayaking with Alex it was fun because I went around the p 2 time.
I went on the the boat with Mr Malloy as well and we went around the big green post.


  1. Hi Michael, great photo and great writing. I learnt heaps about camp from reading it.
    Going kayaking sounds exciting . I would really like to try it one day. Lucky you to get a ride with Mr Malloy.
    Maybe you can teach me to make dampa.

  2. Hi Miss Walker thank you for your comment. I in enjoy reading it. it is going to be A nice hot sunny day today
    A lot of people like kayaking their best. I like kayaking
    because it is my favourite sport.
    from Michael


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