Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Friend Alex

My friend Alex played rugby for Pt England School last year. This year room 17
is playing cricket on Thursday on the field. Me and Alex are Working was Miss Mitchell. Me and Alex are going to play tiggy at play time today on the school park. Last Year I was in room 13. Me and Alex played touch on the field with our friends.

This is my friend Alex.

Alex lives by Pt England school on Maybury street.
Alex has Black hair and brown eyes.
Alex has 3 sister and 1 brother.
Alex is a Samoan boy.


  1. Alex sounds like a good friend to have. I hope you can work well with him in Mrs Mitchell's group today and earn your Thursday reward.
    Keep trying to share and be kind to others Michael.
    Miss Garden

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. I didn't know Room 17 was playing cricket this year, It's a good game, but I don't understand the rules. Maybe you can tell me about the rules.
    I think you are very, very lucky to work with Mrs Mitchell. I hope you are trying to reach your goals . I hope you work hard all week and get a reward on Thursday.

  3. Yes I AM trying to Work On My reading.
    from Michael


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